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Free Resources & Assessments

Don't work so hard.  Download, use, or share any of these materials, videos, or resources to improve your greatness.  Tucked inside these links are incredibly valuable gems that you can have for free.

- COMMUNICATION: How to Reduce Incoming Email -Increases Productivity 
- COMMUNICATION: How to Mind-the-Gap when you think 7x faster
- COMMUNICATION: How to ask clarifying questions for easier conversation
- COMMUNICATION: How to be influential in one minute
- PRESENTATIONS:  Yellow text on blue background increases retention
- GOALS & VISION BOARD: How to achieve a goal in 1 step
- GOALS: How to reverse engineer your goals for success
- MEETINGS: Ground Rules
- MEETINGS: How to Conduct a Very Effective Meeting
- SELF-ASSESSMENT: How to Write a Self-Assessment
- SELF-ASSESSMENT: How to Know Yourself
- INTERVIEWING: Get the Job in 30 seconds
- ENNEAGRAM: iPhone app
- COACHING: Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach (book)
- SELF DEVELOPMENT: Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work
- SELF DEVELOPMENT: The Essential Enneagram
- SELF DEVELOPMENT: The Wisdom of the Enneagram
- N1 GAME: Ramthor's Tower: Maze Defense
- N1 GAME FACEBOOK: Ramthor's Tower: Maze Defense

- Your Greatest Strength Can Become Your Biggest Blind Spot
- Manager As Coach: Fundamentals to Better Conversations
Top 2 Reasons People Stay or Leave Their Job
Management versus Leadership
- 8 Signs of an Extraordinary Boss
- Influential leadership starts with Minding-the-Gap
- What Type of Leader Are You? (book)
- How to select a corporate training program
- SMART objectives
- How to write a self-assessment
- How to conduct behavioral event interviews ("BEI")

- How Executives are Making a Difference
- BUSINESS 101: Business vs Operational Plan
- BUSINESS 101: What is Organization Development?
- Three Secrets to a Competitive Edge
How to operationalize your business plan
- Beyond the business plan: Assessing your operational plan
Profiting from diversity by

- HABITS:  Myth of 21 Days to Change a Habit
- CALM: How to quiet your mind to be present, solve problems or sleep better
- GRATITUDE:  How to determine your value
- BEING BIASED: You are naturally negative
- SELF-ASSESSMENT: Guess of photo reveals your future success
- SELF-ASSESSMENT: How to Know Yourself
- COACHING: Research shows 500% value
- COACHING: What is coaching?
- PERSPECTIVE GAME: How to change your perspective (animation game)
- 1 DEGREE DIFFERENT:  1 degree of effort makes a BIG difference (video)
- EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: What is EI & Why it Matters
- ENNEAGRAM: Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work (book)
- ENNEAGRAM: The Wisdom of the Enneagram (book)

Phone App - Enneagram in Business (and daily use) (iPhone & droid)
Web - Enneagram by Integrative Solutions  ($46 & $92)
Web - Enneagram RHETI validated full test online web (40min $12)
Phone App - Enneagram RHETI test (and daily use) (iPhone $6.99)
Web - Enneagram test by Conscious Dynamics  FREE TEST

Understanding yourself is a key to unlocking your potential and being more influential. There are a variety of available tools. I am certified with MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator), plus DISC and Enneagram. However, I utilize and recommend the Enneagram since it provides a more wholistic and systemic understanding of who you are and how to self manage for sustainable success.

Although one-to-one assessment is ideal, the link(s) above and below will take you to the organizations that provides an online assessment tool. No tool is perfect.  These have higher statistical validation. The ultimate decision is up to you regarding your type. The most effective method of utilizing the Enneagram is reading through the types to self identify yours, and/or working with a coach.

Once you take the test, you can save the results by copying and pasting them into an Email or MS-Word document. If you take the paid fully validated test, then you'll be able to receive a printed summary of your results.

These tests are not associated or affiliated with me. I receive no compensation in any way to advocate or link to these assessments.


- The Wisdom of the Enneagram (book)
- Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work (book)
- The Enneagram Institute
- International Enneagram Association (IEA)

According to the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations, a person with emotional intelligence (EQ) possesses both personal competence and social competence. Social competence - that is, social awareness and skills-depends on an individual's personal competence. Personal competence begins with self-awareness - emotional awareness, accurate self assessment, and self-confidence - and then expands to include self-regulation and self-motivation. The most accurate and useful system available to help develop both personal and social competence is the Enneagram, which is why companies all over the world - Hewlett Packard, Sony, and Disney - are embracing it, and the CIA uses it to predict the behavior of foreign leaders. To use the Enneagram, a person must first accurately identify his or her own Enneagram style from among the nine unique personality styles identified by numbers One through Nine.(1)

(1) from Ginger Lapid-Bogda's best selling book "Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work"





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