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What is coaching?  And what is the value?what is coaching

Coaching with Ken gives you a significant advantage because of his combined background in Organization Development ("OD"0 and his systemic approach to creating change and influence. Ken is a master certified coach and Master Trainer who trains other coaches and companies worldwide, and he is certified in multiple tools and methodologies that can adapt to your style and needs. Ken has helped numerous leaders, companies, and individuals, which is also reflected in the Testimonials.

Not all business coaches can coach the business or do Organization Development ("OD").  As a Business Coach, expert OD specialist, and trainer with diverse international experience as a business owner, employee and consultant, Ken Sergi has the unique skills take an integrated approach that aligns strategic directions to coaching outcomes for unparalleled skyrocketing success.

Coaching programs are your best invest to achieve business and personal success that can exceed your expectations with a proven return on investment as high as 570%, self-confidence by 80%, relationships by 73%, and work/life balance by 67%. You become more targeted in understanding yourself, your core motivations, and style of leadership, decision-making, communication, and interpersonal relationships. Through coaching you address the strengths, challenges, and blind spots to unlock your potential and be significant more influential that is transformation and self-sustaining.


It’s a confidential one-on-one opportunity to target your individual development and accelerate your success whether you're a business leader, executive, owner, or professional.  You work with a skilled professional in a collaborative partnership built on trust with a commitment to support you in a way that develops internal competence that is transformational, long-term, and self-sustaining.  Coaching is structured to facilitate the alignment of where you’re going and how to get there (“outcomes”) with practices and feedback, while addressing “blind spots” or obstacles that block your potential.  You understand more about yourself and how to operate more successfully.  Your Coach is an ally to provide expert unbiased perspectives and hard truths blended with skilled methodologies and diverse real-world experience.

Executive and leadership coaching strategically supports your ability to successfully lead, impact and influence the organization.  Employee coaching improves performance.  Coaches create structure to align goals through practices and feedback while addressing “blind spots” or obstacles that block success for transformation development.coaching_300x

Assessment tools can be utilized to determine base-line skills or personality to address the whole person.  Programs are designed specifically for the individual with practices and feedback that can be challenging and meaningful for transformational development. 

You will develop skills and competencies to be self-aware and self-correcting in a manner that maximizes potential and builds long-term self-sustaining success.  Coaching is not an enforcement process, nor a fix or a guarantee.  It is not therapy.  Change takes time through awareness and participation.  You create and influence the change you want to see or experience. 

When there is willingness, motivation and participation, change can happen quickly and at different levels.  Achieving independent long-term sustainable success is a critical success factor, which takes time.  Some people experience break-throughs in one session.  However, since change takes time it’s not always possible to know the duration of a coaching program.  Most programs generally last at least a minimum of three months on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  Generally when the coaching goes longer then the gap grows bigger.  Each circumstance can vary depending on the individual and what is authorized by the company.  The style and results of your coach can be referenced by credentials, experience, testimonials and referrals.


A business coach is someone who is specifically skilled to work with within a business environment.  The term “Business coaching” can be used interchangeably to label your individual coaching within a business setting, or refer to executive, leadership, entrepreneur, or employee coaching.  When a business coach is hired to work with an individual within a business, accountability is to the individual being coached.  Confidentiality is still maintained where anything discussed in the coaching relationship is not reported back to anyone at the company.  This is essential for maintaining trust. 

COACHING THE BUSINESS:  A higher level business coach is an Organization Development (“OD”) expert skilled at the development of the business or organization from small, medium and large.  The coach uses systems, tools, methodologies and processes, such as hiring, employee performance management, and team development that is aligned with strategic objectives and scaled based on the business or organization.  The systemic integration of this with the Vision and Mission is OD.  Being able to replicate and align processes that reinforce what the owner(s), leader(s) or executives value throughout the organization is a keystone to success.

Not all business coaches can coach the business or do Organization Development ("OD").  As a Business Coach and OD specialist with diverse international experience as owner, employee and consultant, Ken Sergi has the unique skills take an integrated approach that aligns strategic directions to coaching outcomes for unparalleled skyrocketing success.



The value, savings and growth as a result of my services may far exceed the cost.  The value of each service I provide can be measured differently, such as;
- client retention; - leaders more effectively influencing performance;
- owners replicating values and expectations that grow the business and reduce working hours;
- all employees moving in the same direction; - all levels of the organization demonstrating values that are essential to the services you provide;
- the ability to attract high performing teams who achieve performance goals in a healthy work environment that translates into retention, reputation, growth and advancement.

The cost of doing nothing can be:
- disempowered low-performing employees when there is poor leadership;
- the tremendous cost of a bad hire that could have been avoided;
- a lost client when they have a negative employee experience;

 You will be amazed at how employees will respond to a company with a plan, a commitment, a leader who demonstrates values through actions; and a hiring process that demonstrates thoughtful integrity and integration with strategy.  The savings and growth will far exceed the cost.  The cost to do nothing can be financially significant.  My programs have proven to be challenging and meaningful.  The benefits to the organization are quickly realized through strategic alignment of resources, higher performance, reduced costs, higher retention, and cultural cohesion.  Savings will also be realized with targeted training dollars.

What is the value of coaching? The use of training, coaching and OD services places you in the leading edge of the growing number of companies who are utilizing these services.  Recently I have been providing leadership programs to the U.S. Department of Defense.  Coaching is the most powerful, quickest and most cost-effective tool for speeding up development and ensuring success now and tomorrow.

·         Coaching has the highest ROI for consulting, training and development investments.  Combined with training, coaching produces a 300%-400% increase in retention over training alone.

·         FORTUNE magazine (May 2002) reports that the Metropolitan Life intensive coaching program for retail salespeople had an ROI of over 500%.  Productivity rose an average of 35%. 50% identified new markets. Retention was 100%. (Industry statistics show replacing a salesperson with 3 years experience costs $140,000.) The program cost about $620,000 and delivered $3.2 million in measurable gains.

·         A Manchester Inc. study of 100 executives working with coaches, found a 570% ROI. Productivity increased 53% with quality up 48%.  Work relationships with direct reports improved 77%, with supervisors for 71%, and with peers 63%.  Overall job satisfaction increased 61% of coached executives.

·         The “Good to Great” research indicates the critical impact of Level 5 Leaders on top performing organizations.  Most executives will need coaching to achieve this level of excellence.





When your intention meets with professional guidance, support & accountability it unlocks amazing potential that will impact your life forever.

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