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Individual Coaching

what is coaching

Unlock your potential with one-on-one coaching for long-term self sustaining change. We are the biggest obstacles to our own success.  Our blind spots prevent us from breaking the cycle to achieve greater potential.  Ken brings an integrated approach that combines functional tools with coaching methodologies to manage the blind spots that ensure personal and professional success.

Coaching programs are designed specifically for you to go in directions that are meaningful and important for you. Professional coaching accelerates your progress through an ongoing relationship that helps you produce extraordinary results in your life, career, and business.

Your coach will help you understand blind spots that block your potential and give practices to help get you where you want to go. With coaching from Ken you will develop skills and competencies to be more self aware, self-correcting and self-evolving.

Individual coaching is the most powerful, quickest and cost-effective tool for speeding up development and ensuring success that is long-term and self-sustaining. It’s a systemic/wholistic approach that is structured to align goals with results through tools, practices and feedback for transformational development. Coaching can challenge your paradigms and address your blind spots to experience a deeper level change.

Coaching sessions generally average 1 hour per week. Although, may start or evolve to be greater in gap or frequency. Coaching can be either in person or phone.



• An approach to individual development
• An approach to team development
• Development of leadership and management skills
• A way of being
• Mentoring
• A disciplinary conversation
• 1:1 Collaborative partnership
• A commitment to support you and your goals
• Reinforce learning that is self-sustaining with a professional
• Confidential

Throughout the coaching I make the following commitment to you:
• Absolute confidentiality.
• A listening heart.
• An agreed upon time commitment.
• A true intention to assist you.
• No dictation of must, should have, or have to.
• True partnering in your process of growth and learning.
• Tell the truth and give honest feedback.

As your coach, I will ask a few things of you:
• A willingness to grow and learn.
• An open heart to new ideas and practices.
• Time commitment to do observations, practices, and attend sessions.
• Tell the truth and give honest feedback.




When the power of intention is met with guidance, support & accountability it unlocks amazing potential. You can genuinely achieve or exceed expectations that will impact your life forever.


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